Tuning Meister
Tuning Meister is a real-time graphical pitch analyzer for
Windows computers. [See below for comments on using
this on a Mac running Windows under Bootcamp and
similar]. Use it to refine
your sense of playing or singing in tune.

Any scale or temperament can be the basis of study;
Tuning Meister can accept any twelve-note
scale. TM can also superimpose two separate scales; this
allows for displaying "enharmonics" such as Eb and D# as
distinctly different notes. It also permits comparing the
pitch graph against several scales to see which is a better fit.

Tuning Meister has a display mode specially for
Indian ragas.

For small ensembles, Tuning Meister can track and display
several channels of input at once.

A free, fully-functional 90 day trial is available.
Simply download the Tuning Meister Installer to your
computer and run it.

Versions for other operating systems are not likely, but
certainly not for several years.

Running Tuning Meister on a Mac:

Tuning Meister can be installed under
Parallels, VMWare Fusion
or similar (running XP).

A full introduction to the software (also installed on your
local machine after downloading) includes an extensive
tutorial with screen shots.
You can read that tutorial online, to get an idea of how
the program functions.
Some videos showing the computer screen analyzing a
few illustrative sound files are part of the tutorial, right
after the introductory page, so you can see TM in action
without installing it. More videos to come, but through
the existing tutorial you can see static images of how
musical input is rendered on the graph, and read about
all the aspects of scale and pitch that can be manipulated
by the software.
Please note that the online tutorial may be more
comprehensive than the version on your local drive, as I
may improve comments in between program updates.

Tutorial - Opening Page