Licensing Process

        Tuning Meister is protected from copying by a software package called CrypKey. I am sorry for the hassles this creates, but for a program that has only a limited, specialized audience, this is essential if my hard work is to bring any profit.  [and it seems it never will anyway]

    [Some antivirus or antispyware programs will flag Tuningmeister as dangerous; this is because it sees this CrypKey protection software writing something hidden , which is necessary to make copying the software impossible. 
CrypKey doesn't do anything dangerous like a virus or other malware might, so do not be afraid for your system].

         You begin with a free trial version for some specified number of days.  There are absolutely no limitations in the functionality of the program during this time; it is exactly like the product you can purchase. If you wish to run the program after the trial
period has expired, then you must purchase Tuning Meister. Once your payment is received, a code specific to your computer will be sent to you to unlock the software. CrypKey prevents against reinstalling the trial version on your computer - otherwise it would not be any use at all! A new copy of the software cannot be installed on your hard drive even if you reformat the drive.

          As software like this always has bugs that show up, or improvements in the user interface that can be added down the line, I am always annoyed with companies that constantly charge for upgrades, never getting things right. As I wrote this software first for my own interest in musical tuning, I try to make it the most useful it can be for the musicians who have the inner commitment to perfection that leads them to work to improve their intonation. I will continue to try to improve Tuning Meister, and supply the updated product without charge. [However, this statement may not be interpreted to give you the legal right to sue me to fix things the way you want them, or to continue to update this far into the future].
       There are a few circumstances in which I would charge for an upgrade; the most obvious that occurs to me would be in the case that a new version of Windows would somehow not allow Tuning Meister to run successfully; and some things would need to be rewritten. Microsoft seems to be pretty careful about keeping compatibility with old programs, but it does sometimes happen.

       When you launch the software, the licensing program shows a splash screen before passing on to Tuning Meister.

Splash Screen

     Just wait for the Tuning Meister screen to appear as the message says; you do not need to do anything until you are ready to obtain the code. If you do accidently hit <Enter>,
you will come to the License Configuration box; you can either continue on to run Tuning Meister, or close it out, under the menu item Program.

License Program Menu items

         If you do decide to purchase the software, then you do want to press <Enter> during the appearance of the splash screen; once in the
License Configuration box you want to click on Display Site Code...:

Display Site Code

         The Site Code, an 18 digit alphanumeric value, appears. You need to select the code with the mouse as you would any phrase you want to cut and paste, and copy it into the clipboard <Ctrl-C>:

Select/Copy Site Code

          Then you must paste the code into an email to me at
          As above, then you can either continue on to run Tuning Meister if your trial license has not expired, or close it out, under the menu item Program.

        I will return a Site Key to you, specific to the Site Code you have sent. Then launch the License Configuration box again, and paste that Site Key into the space provided:

Paste/Validate Site Key

       Then click Validate.
       If the codes have been correctly copied, you should be informed that you are now licensed. After that, as explained above  you may
either continue on to run Tuning Meister, or close your session, under the menu item Program.

       After licensing, you generally have no need to enter the License Configuration box, but if you go there you can exit as explained above. And once you are licensed, you can obtain an updated program file that will also reduce to a few seconds your wait for the CrypKey splash screen to disappear, since you won't generally want to interact with it anymore.
       Your license is for one copy of the software, but it is transferable to another computer. You might desire to move it if
for instance you upgrade to a new machine. First, just install  TuningMeister with its trial period on your new machine - so you can use it right away. Then, before the trial period runs out [please don't leave this to the last minute!!]  you would have need again to launch the License Configuration. There you can see the options under the menu item License.

License menu

        You can Transfer out to another computer, a process you can accomplish all on your own [it is a bit complicated; just follow the directions carefully]; however it involves the use of a floppy disk, which not many computers support anymore. If you don't have a floppy on both machines, you can Kill the license on the old computer and send me the code that you are given [I recommend that you paste it into some document that you save for yourself as well, in case of email failure]; that will be proof to me that your original installation is deactivated. I can then supply you with a code for your new computer - just follow the complete licensing procedure as above, on the new computer. You could even include the Site Code from the new computer along with the Kill Code from the old one in one email.

        Be sure when copying the codes that you always use cut & paste, and never try to copy them by hand. A mistake will lead to an invalid license.

You should also follow this process if you need to reinstall Windows on your hard disk. Be sure to Kill the license and send me the kill code before doing the reinstallation; then follow the complete licensing procedure after you have reinstalled the system, and reinstalled the entire Tuning Meister installation package.

    You will want to move your Instrument and Scale files, and color Palette info if you have created that, to the new installation. You will have to do this manually. Somehow transfer the files TM Instruments.dta and TM Scales.dta, and TM Palettes.dta if it has been created, from the Folder which should be C:\Program Files\Tuning Meister into the new machine, and copy them into that same Folder, replacing the files which come with the installation. Then you will have the particular Instruments and Scales as you have created them.

       Generally, CrypKey's licensing software is immune to various disk utilities, but there is one exception, Norton Utilities Speed Disk. If you use that program,
carefully follow the instructions below, provided by CrypKey.
       " Speed Disk is the defragmentation utility included in Symantec’s Norton Utilities. Unfortunately, Speed Disk moves CrypKey licensing files, causing license loss. CrypKey uses four special licensing files (.ent, .rst, .key, and .41s) to control your product licensing. These files are hidden system files and reside in the same directory as the protected product.
        To prevent license loss:
Open Speed Disk, and choose File | Options | Customize, and Unmovable Files.
Specify that the .ent, .rst, and .key, files cannot be moved (the .41s files do not need to be specified).
Choose File | Options |Optimization, and Save to save the new profile."


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