Tuning Meister is the result of years of
interest in the properties of various tuning
systems in the classical systems of India and
the West. Ultimately, the ability to perform
more or less in tune is entirely a matter for a
performer to search for within himself; Tuning
Meister can be only a tool towards that end,
but that goal is continually elusive and for
many people Tuning Meister can help with
this dimension of music, that is very poorly
mastered in the actuality.

I have built harpsichords, including my own
instrument with a 19-note per octave
microtonal keyboard. Naturally the almost
daily tuning involved keeps my interest in
what an in-tune performance can bring. I have
been a fan of Indian music for many decades,
and with its highly sophisticated theories of
intervals it lends itself especially to the
precision of feedback provided by Tuning
Tuning Meister