Tuning Meister
You can try Tuning Meister free for 90 days.
The program will run completely unrestricted for
that time. This is a one-time trial only. To
continue using Tuning Meister after the trial
period, purchase a license for $100; for a
somewhat restricted set of features for Indian
musicians, the cost is $80.

NOW COMPATIBLE with all Windows

Installation requires an immediate complete reboot, so
keep that in mind when preparing to run the Installer.
Please follow the instructions carefully.

Please note that some anti-virus software may flag the
CrypKey files which enable the licensing and
anti-copying of TuningMeister, despite CrypKey's
attempts to keep the anti-virus companies informed.
You may ignore the warnings. Yes, CrypKey writes a
hidden file, but it functions only to work the licensing

Download Tuning Meister Installer for Indian music
Download Tuning Meister Installer for Western music.
version 1.14

for some versions before 1.13
[upgrade to 1.13 please]
There seems to be a problem with deleting files from
the list of scales/temperaments, so please avoid doing so
until a repair is found. Thank you.
Also, using the instrument or scale dialogs from a TM
window that is not maximized causes problems. Simply
be sure your TM window is run maximized to avoid any
grief. Fixes are on their way.

I feel ripped off by many software companies that issue incomplete
software editions and then charge for updates. I, and presumably many
others, therefore often wait for several releases before purchasing  a
program.  But software like mine needs the input of users, and the
constant testing that takes place by putting it out for the public. Tuning
Meister is very functional, but I look forward to input from you, the
users,  so that it can be perfected even more.  Because of this, I intend
to offer updates without charge under most circumstances; so you need
not worry about buying a product that is new on the market.
Exceptions to this would  include fixing problems that might occur
under the release of different versions of Windows, i.e., something  
caused by Microsoft's changing the operating system.

Your license can always be transferred to a new computer; I will
charge only a small fee for processing, $10 at the moment.

This  expression of my intention to offer free upgrades under most
circumstances does not give you any specific legal rights for free
future upgrades; but I affirm that I will follow through to the best of my

to latest version - check your version number.

If you have already installed Tuning Meister and it is
running successfully on your computer, and is version 1.10
or higher, you can use the following links to download the
installer for the latest version; which will just copy the newer
over the older. Also,  sometimes a newer version of the
tutorial is included.
Updating the program file does not change your license
status; the free 90-day trial continues without change, or
your license authorization remains in effect.
Currently, these work only for those running
version 1.10. Please wait for a different setup if you have
any earlier version, or email me.

Update Tuning Meister for Indian music - version 1.13
Update Tuning Meister for Western music - version 1.14

Version History.

1.14  Added a variable threshold for sound-activated tuning.

1.13 Fixed a problem with the file management, which behaved
strangely when TM was not maximized.
Added comments about practice methods, and tuning analysis to the

1.12 On some computers (not mine, so I wasn't aware of it) the Echo
Tones feature hung the program. The change incorporated seems to
work now on those computers.

1.10 Now the
CkrypKey software protection is compatible with
Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as previous versions.
Fixed some problems with saving wave and tuning files.
Fixed (I hope finally) some problems with manipulating the
Instrument and Scale entries.
Some screen-shot videos improve the tutorial greatly.

1.09 Removed
Calibration function, as some variable-speed CPUs will
give erroneous micro-second clock information, against which the
soundcard was being calibrated. Safer to stick with generic 44.1 kHz
and 48 kHz; calibration against the millisecond clock would take
hours. Looking for some solution.
Aligned pitch with western equal temperament for Raga mode.
View Upper and Lower Graph as the splitter bar was hard to
find in full upper or lower modes, and users could not fathom how to
return to showing both graphs.
Removed some (not all) of the drawing problems seemingly associated
with dual-core CPUs.

1.08 Added
Always On Top. Made more visible, in View menu, the
option for trace either to run continuously, or stop when input signal

1.07 Continued improvement of scale dialog box to allow editing of
secondary temperaments.  Introduction of compressed scale for
fine-tuning graph to track wide vibrato; still rather crude but
reasonably good for extended notes.

1.06  Fixed some more problems with drawing routines. Had to change
link to
Tutorial files, as the file names had to be changed to work
online (seems no spaces were allowed). Greatly expanded some tutorial

1.05  Mostly fixed problems with the
Secondary Temperament Display,
which went wacky under transposition and/or when changing pitch.
Seem to have fixed some drawing lacunae that appeared under XP
SP2 - empty columns appeared when completely redrawing the graph
screen while the tuning trace was running;  for instance, when
repositioning the splitter bar, opening or closing the
Temperament/Scales dialog, or switching to/from
Full Screen Mode